You Me At Six- SEC Centre Glasgow LIVE REVIEW (13.04.17)

Last night I went and saw You Me At Six on their Glasgow date of their Night People UK Tour at the SEC Centre. This was a three band line-up forming of Black Foxxes, Tonight Alive and You Me At Six.

As the doors opened at 18.30 (6.30pm) there was a long wait till the first band Black Foxxes Came on at 19.35 (7.35pm). This made the crowd rather restless to begin with however excited and happy to see Black Foxxes when they made their way on stage. Black Foxxes are a three piece Rock bad from Exeter, England signed to Ragged Noise Records. This was the first time I had heard of the band and I have to admit I was impressed. Not knowing what I was getting into this band showed me that they were energetic within their set and had a feeling of Twin Atlantic to them including their sound. As this band continued you could see that they were having fun and enjoying every moment of being on stage which made the audience more captivated by them.

Tonight Alive was second on the stage at 20.20 (8.20pm). This time the crowd knew most of the songs and were singing along with them all during their set, however as I didn’t know the band before the show this was an all new experience to me but a band that I am glad I was able to catch. Tonight alive is a female fronted rock band from Sydney, Australia signed to Hopeless Records. The vocalist was moving all around the stage and having fun dancing around and just enjoying herself which showed so much that she loved what she was doing. Not only this but she kept asking the crowd questions and getting the crowd to sing along with her and join in with them in order to create a great atmosphere and get the crowd all warmed up for the headlining band and the reason everyone was there; You Me At Six. Jenna their vocalist also done a speech/poem about how people should not have to be how the media see them and to be proud of who you are as a person which got everyone clapping and cheering as they were told that being yourself is okay.

Finally, it was the turn of You Me At Six a rock band from Surrey, England signed to BMG. As they came out everyone was chanting the famous Scottish “here we, here we, here we fucking go” and getting all excited for You Me At Six playing their first set of songs. As they did the crowd blew up; jumping around, hands in the air, dancing and singing along. As the show went on Josh the vocalist announced how he loves to play Scotland because it reminds him of his grandfather and has Scottish blood in his veins. This made the crowd scream and shout happy that he felt such emotions for being in Glasgow and furthermore Scotland. As they continued their set they continued to play new songs from their new album Night People as well as songs from their previous albums making all of their fans in the room no matter how new or old happy and able to join in on singing along to their music. The band also told the crowd to crowd surf during their song Save It For The Bedroom and everytime someone did he highfived them. He also came down off of the stage during the song and hugged a fan as well as highfived the front row. Further into their set Josh said how he was fighting in parliament the secondary ticketing touts making it harder for fans to see the music that they love and making the artist’s not able to get as much money from touring. As well as this Josh went on to say that we should not judge a book by the cover; age, sex, religion we are all the same and he hates how every time something happens in the news that is a form of terrorism they always blame Muslims and this needs to stop! This got more of the crowd on Josh’s side and started clapping and cheering agreeing with what he had said. Finally, Josh announced how next year they will be doing a 10 year anniversary tour for their Take Off Your Colour album released in 2008.

At the end of the night I had become a fan of both Black Foxxes and Tonight Alive as I am sure many others had and became excited already for You Me At Six’s tour next year…


Our Hollow, Our Home- La Belle Angele, Edinburgh (28.03.17)

It’s a nice Tuesday night in Scotland’s capital city Edinburgh and at La Belle Angele there is a melodic metalcore show going on for they have booked Edinburgh’s own As I Was Hunted, Sworn Amongst from Hull, England and Our Hollow, Our Home from Southampton, England.

Edinburgh’s own As I Was Hunted a four piece, female fronted metalcore band. The band is formed of a female clean vocalist, guitarist who does unclean vocals, drummer who does unclean vocals and a bassist.

As things began you could see how the vocalist (Zoe) seemed to be shy on stage by always facing the side or her band members or the back of the stage instead of facing the crowd and getting the crowd involved with her set. As well as this the guitarist snapped one of his guitar strings after only a song or two so had to continue the set with one less strong than he was expecting. However, you could see how this band have a powerful sound and one that could go further with more time spent on their stage presence and involving the crowd into their set. One song that did get the crowd joining in with them is their cover of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” which had the crowd singing along and enjoying themselves a little more. One thing that was really nice of the band was that they thanked all the people who were involved with the show from the venue, sound engineer, the other bands who were on the bill and the crowd for coming down to catch their set. They also congratulated a couple who found out that they were pregnant.

Sworn Amongst were the second to be on stage as a powerful five piece from Hull, England. You could tell right away that they have been working on their live set a lot with themselves talking to the crowd and involving them a lot throughout their set. With their energetic it was hard to not get involved from banging your head to for some people hardcore dancing and two-stepping. During their set however, the vocalist did fall off the stage but kept going on with the song and keeping the audience captivated with the set not letting it get in the way of putting on a good set for the crowd who was still watching and listening to them. As the set came to an end people were feeling warmer and they had gained more fans. From this set alone I could tell that this is one band that we should be keeping an eye on in the future.

Finally, it was the turn of the headliners Our Hollow, Our Home a five piece melodic metalcore band Southampton. As it was only their second time being in Scotland they didn’t have a lot of people who had stayed for them however everyone who had joined in with headbanging, dancing, hardcore dancing and two-stepping showing that they had the crowd in the palm of their hands. As a very energetic band and one that uses all of the space on the stage everyone was able to see that they love being on stage and love what they do. With powerful metalcore mixed with softer clean vocals it created a new sound that was original and one that they had totally made their own. At one point the vocalist did drop the mic by accident however did not let that get in the way of their set and he carried on without making it seem like it had interrupted the set at all. From all of this you can understand why they are a one of the hottest up and coming bands at the moment!